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Hey Girls,

Wondering who we are?

Loren and Nofar Alon. (no, we are not Family. but we believe its God or faith who set us together)
2 young ladies (25) , with a Dream & Vision.

Our love story begins not so long ago, when we met and found out we have a common vision. We both wanted to find a store, where we can buy special items in affordable prices. 
In order to get special items you need to look around  a bit more than the random stores – since the big stores has 1M unites of each item.
even when we found some nice stores, it wasn’t online. It was a bit frustrating considering time consuming.

This is how PopUp Store was born. We were looking for special items for us, and decided to take it to the next level and open our brand and bringing something else to your closet.  

PopUp Store is the First Fashion Pop Up ONLINE. 
I am sure we all know what a physical PopUp store is, and its not always easy to stop your plans and get to it. Some offer special items or special prices.

We offer both, Online!

Like a Real Pop Up, Our Online Store will be open 3 Days a week, every week.
The Days can change, but we promise to let you know before the opening. 😉

Every week you will enjoy the luxury of new special items.

We took a mission bring something else, we hope we did.

Now, all that’s left is hiring from you what you think.

Let us know

With Love,

Nofar & Loren

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